Anti-Racism in Tech- Keeping the Momentum Towards Systemic Change

3 months agoJune 17, 2020
This clip EXACTLY defines how many tech companies view "diversity" .. "we have no people of color but look at all the women!"
Jason Goldner
3 months agoJune 18, 2020
Amazing content and speakers - great job pulling this together so quickly!
3 months agoJune 23, 2020
Watching the recording, where can I find the implicit association test.
George Chunias
3 months agoJune 23, 2020
Lodrina Cherne
3 months agoJune 23, 2020
Working on inclusive language - replacing terminology like "master / slave" with best practice terms like "primary / secondary" (or "main / follower" "parent / child" "initiator / responder" "conductor / participant" - pick your use case!) is more than just performative. These are small lifts that have an impact far beyond the words themselves.
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