Anti-Racism in Tech- Keeping the Momentum Towards Systemic Change

19 days agoJune 17, 2020
This clip EXACTLY defines how many tech companies view "diversity" .. "we have no people of color but look at all the women!"
Jason Goldner
18 days agoJune 18, 2020
Amazing content and speakers - great job pulling this together so quickly!
13 days agoJune 23, 2020
Watching the recording, where can I find the implicit association test.
George Chunias
13 days agoJune 23, 2020
Lodrina Cherne
13 days agoJune 23, 2020
Working on inclusive language - replacing terminology like "master / slave" with best practice terms like "primary / secondary" (or "main / follower" "parent / child" "initiator / responder" "conductor / participant" - pick your use case!) is more than just performative. These are small lifts that have an impact far beyond the words themselves.
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